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If you are concerned for yourself you may reach out by phone or email. JLAP professional staff will call you back and conduct an assessment to work out a mental health plan that is personalized for you. If you are concerned for a legal peer or family member, you may also reach out by email or phone. Again, JLAP professional staff will speak with you and gather information to assist in helping the person you concerned about. These services are free and confidential.


JLAP provides some “in house” short term mental health counseling. We also provide referrals to mental health professionals within your community when appropriate. Some of the mental health issues facing the legal community and law students are depression, anxiety, work burnout, compassion fatigue, and wok/life balance. JLAP encourages you to take action to help yourself before you become overwhelmed. 


JLAP provides support and counseling for those suffering from addiction. The most common addiction facing the legal community is alcohol, however, we also see and work with folks struggling with drug abuse and process addictions such as gambling, sex, food, and overuse of electronic devices. We have volunteers in recovery who are happy to help you find your way out of the shadows of addiction. You may choose to enter into a Health Monitoring Contract to help with accountability especially if your law license, bar application, employment, or personal relationships are at risk. 


We believe that education and wellness initiatives are essential to prevent mental health problems. JLAP provides CLE and less formal presentations to help educate the legal community about the inherent mental health issues facing it. Many of JLAP’s Committee Members, JLAP Foundation Board Directors, and JLAP Volunteers are well versed in providing such presentations to firms, organizations, county bars, and law schools. JLAP is also a key player in the development and implementation of the state’s Well Being Task Force Initiative. You may find a link to the report on our resource page.

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