It is estimated that 40% of Arkansas’ attorneys and judges suffer from addiction or mental illness.

The Arkansas Judges and Lawyers Assistance Program, JLAP, created by the Arkansas Supreme Court in 2000, provides behavioral health and substance abuse services to Arkansas’ judges, lawyers, their family members, and law students. JLAP can help address problems before they jeopardize a lawyer’s practice, a judge’s career, or a law student’s health. We understand that addiction and behavioral problems reach far beyond the workplace; thus we strive to provide assistance before and ethical violations, malpractice claims, disciplinary actions arise, or family and personal relations are put at risk.

Professional Staff

Research has found legal professionals have unique personal characteristics that need to be challenged to promote healthy change. The Supreme Court of Arkansas and the JLAP Committee are committed to providing quality staff to meet the needs of firms, judges, lawyers, and their family members seeking assistance.

Jennifer Donaldson, LCSW

Executive Director

Laura Laser, LCSW

Assistant Director

Amanda Canant

Office Manager