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Premises in a deplorable state are not uncommon. In the spring of 2016, I received a contract for the sale of an object of 170 square meters after buying it at an auction. The previous owner pledged this apartment to the bank under a loan of 5,000,000, but did not fulfill his obligations casinosenligneca.

As a result, by a court decision, the bank received the apartment, and it was put up for auction. The bank valued the object at 25,000,000 rubles, but since the bank needed the money quickly, they sold the apartment below the appraisal price - for 19,000,000.

My clients bought it and decided to immediately sell it. If the former owner had not gone into conflict, he could have sold the apartment together with us in its original state for 28,000,000 and received compensation for his expensive decoration of 3,000,000 rubles. But he said this: “I invested 10,000,000 rubles here, and I’m not ready to take 3,000,000 rubles, so I’ll tear everything off here.”

The emotions of the former owners take precedence over the calculations, so I got an apartment in a state where everything, including sockets, was torn out in this apartment, and the previous owner did not receive anything in the end. The electrician refused to supply electricity, arguing that he would not allow a short circuit to occur, which is quite realistic without restoring all the outlets. For two days we took out the garbage from the apartment, swept and washed the floors.

And this is not the worst case. The services of trained eviction experts now cost up to 300,000 rubles in Moscow. And we must understand that any forceful action in relation to the former owners is punishable by a criminal article. Therefore, you can’t just come to the acquired object and throw out all the things of the old owners.



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